What is our goal?

#NoVeto! – We finally have our chance to change the EU for the better!

What needs to change?

It is the responsibility of the European Council to abolish the veto of individual Member States and to finally introduce reforms on behalf of citizens to prepare Europe to face its own future. As a result, we urge the application of Article 48 of the Treaty on European Union! 

What we demand:

The NoVeto campaign has managed, thanks to the commitment and dedication of European citizens, to gain several successes. There was a resonance in the development of the NoVeto campaign during the Conference on the Future of Europe, which led to the popularity of the topic.  




From that moment on this issue could no longer be ignored.  

The EU Parliament has triggered Article 48 to start the treaty reform and the European Council now needs to vote on the proposed changes. 

The NoVeto campaign isn’t over, and we call for your further support to ensure that our goals become a reality. 

Let’s make sure our European leaders take action to end unanimous voting in the Council!


Why Do we need #NoVeto?

Just some examples:

2019 Ireland and Sweden (around 4% of the EU population) vetoed the introduction of a digital tax. This would have prevented large multinational platforms such as Facebook or Google from avoiding taxes.

2020 The EU planned sanctions against those responsible for manipulating the presidential elections in Belarus. Cyprus vetoed the sanctions – despite the EU’s willingness to act – because of its own interests: They would only agree if the EU imposed further penalties on Turkey in the gas dispute.

2021 The European Court of Justice imposed heavy fines on Poland because of ongoing violations of the rule of law. Poland then threatened to veto the European Green Deal in response.

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